The greatest mum in the universe. Do you know who she is? Well iam grateful to say she is my mum, who is working the whole day like a bee.I always remeber her hands busy throughout the day- washing, cleaning,cooking & supervising. But when she works so much i feel a little pity.Yes Mum! iam grateful for your devotion,warmth and tender loving care. And above all ,moulding my dreams,giving me the right values and help shape my character.
As ive grownup you still remain my best friend and whom i can still confide. My greatest consolation is knowing that your love and strength are there for me and no matter what or where ever I go.U have protected me when I was little and tucked me at night with ur warm kisses. When I was unhappy u have hugged me tight, with ur gentleness and patience.U have teached me the way to solve the grownup problems. When u realised oneday Ive known already, you stepped aside but still watched over me with your tender loving pride. Where ever I go and what ever I be...Ill always remain ur ever loving kid. Nobody can take my mum's place even if anyone gives me a golden lace or take me to space. I dont know what to give her who is as sweet as anything. Love is the only thing I can share with you. I love you Mum....


Let Allah bless your mom by all means . regards shaki

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