My Memories of my daddy date back to my childhood. A time when I did not have to worry since there was always a parent to do that.
My daddy played a very important role in our upbringing along with our caring Amma. He was a very loving daddy to us three. A very caring and responsible man - My daddy.
I know he always had a soft corner for me as compared to my brothers and so Ive done many mischiefs thinking he can forgive. I used to tremble when he used to shout in anger.But after the anger subsided, he would again be the same loving dad. There were indeed great outings that we had with him. But it was great fun we had with him.
Now times have changed and so has my daddy.Through the years, I have seen the anger vanish, the mature look and the grey hair with practically no more arguments left to put forth. I have seen my dad trying his best to make and give us the best,satisfying our demands earnestly day in and day out.
His efforts are sincere and his sacrifices indeed call for a word of praise.Thus our family's sole bread-winner,though insignificant holds a very special place in my life. I love my dad and he loves me very much. Thus my last word in his praise are - " time will change and so the days, but my heart would always hold a special honoured place for my daddy."Indeed! I Love you Dear Dad ...Ever & Ever.....


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