Though I spend hours together and think over it,
I dont understand even a bit.
Because the whole thing is so complicated
Neither the begining nor the end is dated
You all must have guessed it,
Though not everything but atleast a bit.
About what iam trying to say
And on which I waste my whole day
What I think is about Life's strange ways
Sometimes it brings joyful and sometimes sad days
Life's ways are not even but always changing
From intense joys to immense sorrows- they keep on ranging
Sometimes there is happiness and sometimes sorrow
You never know what will happen tomorrow
Because Life is ever changing and never the same
Just like swift changes in a game.
Maybe at this moment, happiness on you showers
And maybe its just for few hours
Maybe your 'Today' has brought you sadness
Be brave, your 'Tomorrow' will bring problems less
Remember this Life's important principle
And that is "Always smile and dont look dull"
Then every happiness you shal gain
And your life shall be filled with joy and no pain.

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