I'm sitting quietly in a corner at home
Trying to do some studies
But things that happened earlier today
Oh! those thoughts make my mind go all muddy
I try to organise my thoughts together
I try to clear out my mind
But try and try as much as I might
There's no solution I can find
Instead a lot of unnecessary thoughts
which really ought not to come
Rush to my mind,almost at the speed of light
making me feel ever so dumb.
I hear some music,see some T.V
and even try to read a comic
but unfortunately nothing seems to give me
My peace of mind back
I feel more restless, I feel more sick
I want to do, But I don't know what
maybe tear my books into bits
But then suddenly good sense prevails
and i realise I'm thinking too much.
The less thought , the better
is the best feeling to have.

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