It must have been love
but I think I have lost it now
It was sometime when I believed to be his
but now I don't think I belong to him
To him I was a Rose
but he left me alone in the dew drops
Which kept no signs of past
so was my fate, alone in this world
Yes! I agree it must have been Love
but now everything has come to an end
Gone away with the wind
Leaving me alone with Thorns
It caused me endless pain
but before i could realise
I had lost my Love
It had gone away and would never reach me again.


i didnt see more,,,,but nice, I pray, YOU be blessed with a fruitful and wonderful year head!!! zaher

Dont be frozen...
you are frozen , thats why you can not see where is love...
try to see.. open your eyes..

that means u dont luv ur hubby&kids

mashe.. please writr more and more.. every day i am expecting your words mashe..please

reflects the feeling of a person who loved someone else's love....this is what life is all about...rarely does one get the love of his life... life's bonds keep us tied away from the one we love... the reality of love...

DEAr, i am little skeptical about the reliability of the post, weather its really u mr .... personally wrote all the above mentioned post or the simply c,c& p in in the modern era. if its really u , then i appreciated ur talent ur are some thing great.

keep posting
we are here to go through with u

OH Holy Heavens, Nee ividam vare ethiyo? Collegil vechullal kuthikurikal poranjitano? Enthayalum kollaam ketto.

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