Oh Girl ! You have lots of sorrows hidden inside,
but this is the time to enjoy outside
Oh Girl ! Why cant you rise above on this earth
this world doesnt have talents by birth
Oh Girl ! You should try and not always cry
No one will look at your eyes, But will look at your tries
in which you succeed in many ways.
Oh Girl ! so get up and dont think you are nothing
For you, you have to do something
That will make this world a surprise
And you will be happy with a smile.
Oh Girl ! so smile ...smile...and smile..


ye...smile,smile & smile....

great,u r not a ordinary women,some thing different compare to others.......


Mathiyadi Mongiyathu.Get life. he he he

Ithalle ninaku prize kittiya Kavitha? aa Soap petti ippozhum undo?

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