Life with me will not be Easy, Its full of Thorns
Still my dear, ill be there always to wipe your tears.
You never need to sing a love song for me
You may not need to whisper words so loving
You may not need to write to me nor message me
You may not need to be so showy and lift your wealth on me.
There is no need of surprise gifts & candle -lit dinners.
No Need for sunbathing on beaches and romantically captured evenings.
Although we are miles apart, you are not apart from my heart.
I need not be with you , to think of you
I need not be in your arms to need you
I need not call you, to know you
But my dear, I always want you to know that I Love You for You to Love me...


I loved this Nisha.But nee ithrakku thyaagi aavenda karyam undo?

Pinne oru Gudnews. Njan Njan Njan Sho nanamakunnu. Njan ninte Dubaiyil etheetundu. Njan ninne vilikkam.


....'tz really gr8!!!!! ..keeep't uppp!!!!!!! ....alll d B'st!!!!!!!!!!

Raj DxB

some lines are so amazing. how nicely written ;;;;;;although we are miles are not apart from my heart...i, i always want you to know that i love you for you to love me....only those lines are enought to prove your ability and to know how talent you are in writing. please try to fine more time to write english poems...good future is waiting for you dear sister. go wishes.

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