An Ideal Teacher
She guided us all on the right path. She is the one who helped us in every possible way. She is our beloved and respected Teacher - Miss ..... (No! Lets not tell her name here..Sorry).
I remember that, though my uncle and she were friends, she has never been partial to me. She always treated me like any other students. I liked her teachings very much from the first day. So from the first day she became my Favorite Teacher.
She had always personally checked my note book, when she came to know that I was weak in her subject. She guided me in every possible way throughout my academic. I was fortunate to go on Trip with her. She played with us "ANTHAKSHARI" as if she was one of us. She gave us lot of in formations throughout the trip and shared all the joy with us.
I remember the day when I had my Self Introduction. I was very nervous which almost hampered my performance. In the recess she asked me the reason and encouraged me so that I don't fumble for words the next time , I stand before in my future carriers...
I just pray to God Almighty to give her a long, prosperous and happy life. And also respect from all the students who come after us. She will be the most memorable personality and will always remain in my heart No matter wherever I go, what ever I become.....


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